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FoodTools - Tortilla & Pita Product

Tortilla & Pita Product Portioning

Tortilla and pita products can be easily and accurately portioned into chips by the following FoodTools Mechanical machines, encompassing both startup and high-production businesses:

Economical Portioning Solutions (Mechanical)
TC-1 | TS-1

High-Production Portioning Solutions (Mechanical)
TC-2 | TC-5A2

Custom Portioning Solutions
See Below

Cut and Slice Tortilla and Pita

Tortilla and Pita Cutting Machine
TC-1 Tortilla Slicing machine
The TC-1 is a flatbread, tortilla, and pita chip slicing machine.  The single blade set slices round and square flat bread products into tortilla and pita chips in one shot.

Tortilla, Pita, and Flatbread Slicing Machine
TC-2 Tortilla and Pita Chip Cutting Machine

The TC-2 is a dual station tortilla, pita, and flatbread slicing machine.  The operator loads the second station with a stack of flat bread products while the first station is being cut into tortilla and pita chips.

Inline Tortilla and Pita Chip Portioning
TC-5A2H Tortilla and Pita Chip Cutting Machine

The TC-5A2H inline machine can slice tortilla and pita products into wedge chips at high speed.  The two cutting stations make this machine very efficient.

Custom Portioning Solutions

The FoodTools sales and engineering staff is dedicated to finding new solutions to your portioning needs.  If we do not currently manufacture equipment to assist you in your specialized production process please contact our sales and engineering staff to discuss custom opportunities.